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Add Braintree transaction information to PartnerStack customers


This Zapier Zap updates your PartnerStack customers with transaction information from Braintree.
We'll use the Braintree, PartnerStack, Python, and Filter Zaps to make this an efficient and reliable connection.


  • Read and complete our Zapier Introduction
  • A PartnerStack account connected to Zapier
  • A Braintree account
  • 20 minutes of time

Step 1: Create a new Zap

In your Zapier dashboard, click "Make a Zap" in the top menu. Or click here.

Step 2: Add Braintree Trigger

Setup your first trigger to a be a Braintree transaction.

  • Under "Choose a Trigger Zap", search for "Braintree"
  • Select Braintree as Trigger app
  • Select "New Transaction" as the trigger, Click "save + continue".

Authenticate with Braintree

Authenticate with Braintree by adding your:

  • Environment
  • Merchant ID
  • Public Key
  • Private Key

How to find this information is outlined in the Braintree Gateway Credentials Docs.

Step 2

Step 3: Convert Transaction Amount to Cents

Braintree transaction amounts are stored in dollar format ($5.00), however PartnerStack requires all amounts to be in cents ("500" would equal $5.00).

We'll use the Formatter by Zapier to convert the Braintree transaction into cents.

  • Click the "+" icon in the Zap menu to add a new step immediately after the Braintree transaction
  • Click "Action"
  • Search for "Formatter", and select the "Formatter by Zapier" action
  • Select "Numbers"
  • In the "Transform" drop-down, select "Spreadsheet Style-Formula"
  • In the "Formula" field, add a dynamic input of the Braintree Transaction Value and multiply by 100.
    The full line should be amount * 100. (Watch GIF below)

step 3

Step 3: Search for Referral Customer in PartnerStack

If you attempt to add a transaction to a referral customer that does not exist in PartnerStack this Zap will fail. After multiple failures, Zapier will turn off this Zap.

This step will keep the Zapier connection alive by ending the Zap if there is no matching customer_key in PartnerStack to add the transaction to.


PartnerStack Zap not showing up?

Please complete the Zapier Introduction.

  • Once in the PartnerStack Actions menu, select "Find Customer", then click "Continue"
  • Click "Test" to ensure Zapier is connected to PartnerStack, then click "Save + Continue"
  • Input the Customer's email address into the "Customer Key" section
  • Click "Fetch & Continue" to pull a list of your PartnerStack Customers.
    Wait until you see "Test Successful", then click "Continue"

Step 6: Add PartnerStack Transaction action

Click the "+" and add PartnerStack as an Action after the "Search" step.

Setup PartnerStack Transaction

  • Customer Key : Identifies which customer the transaction applies to Select: Customer Email (from Braintree)
  • Transaction Key: Unique transaction reference Select: ID (from Braintree)
  • Amount: Transaction amount in cents Select: Amount (from Numbers)
  • Currency: Three character ISO code Select: Currency Iso Code (from Braintree)

step 6

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Add Braintree transaction information to PartnerStack customers

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