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Attribute mobile signups to partners


Integrating PartnerStack and Branch allows your program to track, attribute, and reward partners for signups and actions within your mobile iOS or Android application.

Before you begin...

  1. Install Branch.io in your application (Branch Documentation)

  2. Share your Branch Key with PartnerStack support. Do not send your Branch Secret Key.

  3. Review the integration diagram below

Step 1. Create Branch 'signup' event

Create a custom event, 'signup', that is trigged when the user completes the app signup process.
The 'signup' custom event should pass the following metadata to Branch





Any unique string for this user.
(Example: An existing UUID, or the user's email



user's email



user's name


If you do not provide an email, PartnerStack will autogenerate an email using the 'key' to identify the referral in your dashboard

Please follow the proper guide to create a custom event for your platform:

IOS example

let metadata: [String: Any] = [

  // Required, and unique per user
  "key": "UUID_1a2b3c",
  // Optional
  "name": "Darth",
  "email":"[email protected]"

// Fire Event
Branch.getInstance().userCompletedAction(action, withState: metadata)

Step 2. Setup Branch Webhook

Get PartnerStack Branch Webhook

Go to your PartnerStack Integration Dashboard and copy the appropriate Branch webhook URL for your environment (Test vs Production).

Create Branch Webhook

Visit your Branch Webhooks Dashboard, and click "Add New Webhook".

Create a new Webhook by clicking `Add webhook.' Then,

  • Paste your PartnerStack Branch webhook URL into the "Send a webhook to"
  • Select "POST" as the request type
  • Select "signup" as the event.

No 'signup' event?
Ensure the 'signup' event has fired to Branch at least once.

Step 3. Testing

Before submitting to the app store please test your work:

  • Build your app
  • Complete your signup flow
  • Check the Branch 'Liveview Events Log' to ensure both the signup event, and all the metadata is being set properly.

Step 4. Follow up with PartnerStack Success

If you're not already in contact with and account manager, please send an email to [email protected]

We will guide you through the rest of the process of establishing your Partnerstack-Branch links and testing your integration.

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Attribute mobile signups to partners

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