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Get Started

When integrating with PayPal, the customer_key used in PartnerStackJS should be the customer email that is sent to PayPal on transaction

Select Braintree Trigger

First, select PayPal as Trigger app in the Zap creation menu. Then select new successful sale as the trigger.

Add Zaiper Hook URL

You will be prompted by PayPal to add a URL as your PayPal instant payment notification URL. Follow the instructions as prompted and visit here for more information on PayPal IPN

Recalculate Amount Value

Amount values in Paypal are stored in dollars, and to communicate purchase amounts with PartnerStack we require all amounts to be in cents. This adds on additional step using the Zapier Formatter

as in the image above select the Formatter by Zapier trigger and Numbers for the type. Then in the Transform section select Spreadsheet-Style Formula. Finally within the Formula section select the Mc Gross value from Paypal and write * 100 next to it.

Authenticate with PartnerStack

Authenticate with PartnerStack using your production keys as outlined in the Introduction.

Fill Out PartnerStack Transaction Information

Customer Key : Unique customer reference (must be the same customer_key as was passed to PartnerStackJS on customer create) Dropdown: Payer Email
Transaction Key: Unique transaction reference Dropdown: Txn ID
Amount: Transaction amount in cents Dropdown: Mc Gross (from Numbers)
Currency: Three character ISO code Dropdown: Mc Currency

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