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Recurly Webhook

This integration will make sure that your customers purchases are tracked.

The Recurly Webhook integration sends any events related to Customers, Charges, or Subscriptions. GrowSumo can then keep your customers in sync with Recurly. It is the fastest and most accurate way to fully integrate with GrowSumo.

Get your Webhook URL

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Webhooks and select Recurly from the Supported integrations.

Create the Webhook on the Recurly Dashboard

Log in to your Recurly Dashboard in the menu on the left select Integrations > Webhooks and select Add a new endpoint

change the path to https://<yoursubdomain>.recurly.com/configuration/endpoints/new

Paste the URL from GrowSumo into the Endpoint URL field, give it any name you like and then click Save Changes

Set customer key as Account_Code

Whenever you interact with Recurly ( create a customer , make a one time charge , or create a new subscription ), you need to let GrowSumo know which customer you are referring to.

To do this, include customer_key as account_code.
Make sure that the account_code you use with Recurly has been used with GrowSumoJS when creating the signup as ‘growsumo.data.customer_key’.

In your code, it should look something like below:

SET `account_code` to `customer_key`
MAKE SURE it matches the on you used with GrowSumoJS

# import recurly
# recurly.API_KEY = 'abcdef012345'
# account = recurly.Account(
# )
# account.email = 'verena@example.com'
# account.first_name = 'Verena'
# account.last_name = 'Example'
# account.save()
SET the `account_code` as the `customer_key`
MAKE SURE it matches the one used with GrowSumoJS

# account = Recurly::Account.create(
    :account_code => <YOUR_CUSTOMERS_KEY>,
#   :email        => 'verena@example.com',
#   :first_name   => 'Verena',
#   :last_name    => 'Example'
# )
SET the `account_code` as the `customer_key`
MAKE SURE it matches the one used with GrowSumoJS

// <?
$account = new Recurly_Account(<YOUR_CUSTOMERS_KEY>);
// $account->email = 'verena@example.com';
// $account->first_name = 'Verena';
// $account->last_name = 'Example';
// $account->create();
SET the `account_code` as the `customer_key`
MAKE SURE it matches the one used with GrowSumoJS

var account = new Account(<YOUR_CUSTOMERS_KEY>)
// {
//   Email = "verena@example.com",
//   FirstName = "Verena",
//   LastName = "Example"
// };
// account.Create();
SET the `account_code` as the `customer_key`
MAKE SURE it matches the one used with GrowSumoJS

// example for https://github.com/blacklightcms/go-recurly
// resp, a, err := client.Accounts.Create(recurly.Account{
       Code: <YOUR_CUSTOMERS_KEY>,
//     FirstName: "Verena",
//     LastName: "Example",
//     Email: "verena@example.com"
// })
// example for https://github.com/cgerrior/node-recurly
SET `account_code` to `customer_key`
MAKE SURE it matches the on you used with GrowSumoJS

// var Recurly = require('node-recurly');
// var recurly = new Recurly(require('./config'));
// recurly.accounts.create({
//   email : 'verena@example.com',
//   first_name : 'Verena',
//   last_name : 'Example'
// })

Depending on your language and how you choose to interface with the API, your implementation of the account object could be different. The Recurly documentation covers this in much more detail Recurly API Docs: Create New Customer Account

Setup Subscription Plans

If you have any subscription-based plans set up on Recurly, now is the time to set them up on GrowSumo.

You need to make sure that the plan key in GrowSumo matches the plan key on Recurly. You can find your plans on Recurly by going to your dashboard and changing the path to https://<yoursubdomain>.recurly.com/plans.

Create all your plans in GrowSumo and you are good to go!

If you are not using GrowSumoJS continue reading below

Not using GrowSumoJS
You may not be using GrowSumoJS if you have a product that is purchased on signup, for example an ecommerce store.

If you are not using GrowSumoJS, you must attach the customer key as account_code and the partner key as the username in your Create Customer calls.

This lets GrowSumo know which partner is responsible for which customer. After the customer has been created you can reference the customers with their key.