Creating Test Partner

Let's start off by creating a test partner. In an incognito window, join your PartnerStack program as if you were an interested partner. Depending on your setup, this could be:

  • Clicking a link on your website that redirects you to PartnerStack powered application form
  • Being invited directly to PartnerStack via email
  • Joining a specific group using the group URL that is found under Group Settings


Please make sure that you use a different email than the one used for your vendor instance. You can always use your email address but add '+partner' before the @ symbol.

Example: [email protected]

When you sign up, you will receive an email to verify your email. Make sure to open the link provided in the email in the incognito window.

If you are vetting your partners using the application forms in PartnerStack, please approve of this test partner in your vendor instance.

If an integration was setup to sync the partner's data into your CRM, please make sure that the record is created with the correct information.

Now that you have a test partner account, you can start referring customers! Also, you can now see how a partner interacts with PartnerStack.

What's next...

Let's refer some test customers