HubSpot Authentication

Authenticate your HubSpot account


Before connecting

It's best practice to have an established user for your HubSpot instance that you control. This user must have access (at minimum) to get, search and update contacts, companies and deals. Read more about the scopes you can configure your connection with. Once your integrations have been developed, it's easy to change connections in the future!

:link: Connecting HubSpot

  1. Sign in to your PartnerStack dashboard. Please note you must be an administrator of your program to set this integration up.

  2. Navigate to "Integrations" on the left menu. Click the "New connection" button at the top left.

  1. Search for "HubSpot - PartnerStack" from the list of apps and click to create a new connection:
  1. Select "Home assets" as the Location, and click "Connect". You shouldn't need to adjust any settings under "Advanced Settings". You'll be prompted by HubSpot to sign in in a separate window.

If the steps above were successful, you'll see the connection now show "Successful":

:tada: Time to start building integrations!

If the steps above were successful, let your onboarding team know you've connected HubSpot to your instance. We're excited to work with you to build automations for your program!

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