What is PartnerStack?

PartnerStack helps partnership teams easily scale their program revenue by automating a variety of partner referral and sales motions in a single dashboard.

PartnerStack makes it simple to manage your partner onboarding and training, ongoing partner engagement, as well as revenue, sales, and commissions payments.

The features of PartnerStack are tightly coupled with integrations that easily connect your partner channel with your core business sales, support, and billing tools.

PartnerStack connects to key events in your business to:

  • automate partner attribution
  • transparently communicate sales pipeline between partners and your internal CRM
  • report on partner performance

If you're new to PartnerStack or partnerships, this short 5-minute overview video introduces you to the core concepts within PartnerStack.

What's next...

Begin your implementation plan by learning about PartnerStack objects and the partnership industry