Introduction to Leads & Deals

Let's get working with Leads and Deals

PartnerStack provides Lead and Deal objects that allow you and your partners to communicate about prospective customers. In this section, we'll cover the difference between Leads and Deals and how to configure both in your portal and integration suite.

In planning your implementation you identified the different sales motions your company uses when working with partners. It's important to consider these sales motions when working with Leads and Deals.


Check your subscription

Access to Leads and Deals is dependant on your PartnerStack subscription.
You may have access to neither program, one, or both.

Leads & Deals

The Leads and Deals objects are designed to align with the most common use cases for referral and reseller programs. While the Leads object is used most commonly for referral programs, and the Deals object is used more so for Resellers, your programs may have unique needs that change how you use these objects.

The table below highlights the core functional differences between the leads and deals objects.

Partners updating record after submission
Partner updating record pipeline stage
Custom pipeline stages
Renaming pipeline stage names
Supports custom fields
Configurable for different programs
Create vendor source deals

With these in mind, let's begin setting up our Lead and Deal integrations.