PartnerStackJS can be used to track the signups your partners have driven on your website.

PartnerStackJS is one way to let PartnerStack know a customer referred by a partner has signed up on your website. It's suited best for partner programs that run using affiliate links, and allows you to send sign-up events from your website's front-end.

When a potential customer reaches your website through a partner's link, PartnerStackJS stores which partner referred that customer in a 1st-party cookie. By integrating PartnerStackJS in your company's sign-up flow, any customers were referred by partners will be properly attributed and visible to you on your PartnerStack dashboard. This means the partner will be rewarded for all purchases made by that customer.

At a high level, this involves three steps:

  1. Step 1: Install PartnerStackJS: Installing a tracking snippet to your site

  2. Step 2: Track Signup Events: Using our SDK to track customer signups on your site

  3. Step 3: Testing and Debugging: Ensuring customers are correctly flowing into PartnerStack


Heads up!

PartnerStackJS needs to be installed by someone with access to your site's front-end code who is comfortable writing JavaScript to make use of the createSignup function we provide. As part of the installation you will be:

  • Copying code from the PartnerStack dashboard to the header of your site
  • Writing code to send successful signup events to PartnerStack, based on how the customer signup journey works on your website

Ready to get started? Let's start by installing PartnerStackJS to your website!

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Let's get started installing PartnerStackJS!

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